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Is there an easy way to get from Norwich to Blackpool?

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Katymac Tue 12-Jun-07 21:33:30

I am seriously considering a helicopter?

I cannot drive - it will take hours

I cannot find flights (but I could be being a prat)

I guess I could get the train - but it really doesn't appeal

Any ideas?

tiredemma Tue 12-Jun-07 21:38:59

ryanair do stansted to blackpool.

Katymac Tue 12-Jun-07 21:42:23


any thoughts about the helicopter?

Or perhaps a tardis?

Katymac Tue 12-Jun-07 21:48:48

No flights in November - is that a glitch d'you think?

tiredemma Tue 12-Jun-07 21:50:28

i would phone them tbh, i have had trouble online before with them.

cant help with helicopter im afraid!

Katymac Tue 12-Jun-07 21:53:16

DD is competing - so we must be on top form

No jetlag/exhaustion etc

bookwormmum Tue 12-Jun-07 22:06:17

I doubt if the fares are open for the Autumn yet - they're generally only for 3 months ahead . You might need to try nearer the time.

wheresthehamster Tue 12-Jun-07 22:10:41

National Express coaches?

Katymac Tue 12-Jun-07 22:14:14

I finish work on Friday at 6pm and start work again the monday at 7.30

So quickest is the only option - unless I negociate a day off (mind you that means time off school for DD - not ideal)

Katymac Wed 13-Jun-07 10:26:13

Ryan air don't seem to fly to blackpool

Hmmm - any other ideas?

WendyWeber Wed 13-Jun-07 10:34:43

It's about 4 hours by car, katy - subject to traffic of course - not too bad (well, it took us 4 hours to get down there last July)

Train would be easiest. There are several alternative routes with different changes.

Katymac Wed 13-Jun-07 10:36:24

Only 4 hrs - gosh it took 5.5 last time we went to Liverpol and I thought Blackpool was further!!!!

WendyWeber Wed 13-Jun-07 10:37:01

Ryanair used to do Blackpool Stansted but have obviously stopped it, the sods.

ProfYaffle Wed 13-Jun-07 10:38:10

Quite a long journey by train, direct from Norwich to Manchester is about 6 hrs I think. Slightly quicker going through London.

Katymac Wed 13-Jun-07 10:38:43

RAC reckon 5.5 hrs


throckenholt Wed 13-Jun-07 10:38:55

it must be more than 4 hours by car ! There is a train - probably via Manchester - but is is SLOW too.

Are there any flights from Norwich ?

ProfYaffle Wed 13-Jun-07 10:39:25

I live in Diss but my family are in Warrington, the quickest car journey we've done is 3hrs 15 mins (only happened once!) 4hrs is about average and Blackpool is about an hour further up the M6.

Katymac Wed 13-Jun-07 10:39:39

Chartering a plane would cost about £2500 - so only marginally less than going my rail

Katymac Wed 13-Jun-07 10:40:37

Not from Norwich/Stanstead/Luton

& I don't really want to hire a car the other end

Hmm Helicopter looks hopeful

NoodleStroodle Wed 13-Jun-07 10:40:56


Sorry not helpful....

Lilymaid Wed 13-Jun-07 10:41:07

Flybe does Norwich to Manchester. You can get direct trains from Manchester airport to Blackpool (or could when I lived nearby).

WendyWeber Wed 13-Jun-07 10:41:37

Blackpool is further but you'd go a different way.

Michelin suggest heading for the M6 via Coventry, takes 4h48mins (we are about 45 mins from Blackpool so that adds up!) and their times assume driving at strict speed limits of course.

I didn't think we went that way but will check with DH.

Surfermum Wed 13-Jun-07 10:42:19

Traveline is showing nearly 6 hours by train, but that's travelling today at this time of day.

throckenholt Wed 13-Jun-07 10:44:23

hate to say it - but I am betting car would be quickest and cheapest and most convenient - given you have to get to airports and/or stations as well as the journey time itself. If you do it at the right time of day it shouldn't be to bad (a good audio book for dd might be worth investing in )

WendyWeber Wed 13-Jun-07 10:45:54

Will it be a weekday or a weekend, katymac? If eg Friday afternoon/evening it would take longer.

What is DD competing in?

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