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Pootleflump76 Mon 01-Oct-18 09:48:59

Hi everyone. We are off to Bluestone in Wales in a coupe of weeks. It will be our first time (we have been to Centre Parcs and Butlins if anyone can help for comparison). I will have an 8 month old and 7 year old. I’m just wondering whether I’ll be okay with a stroller type pushchair (limited on space it be car) or whether I’m better bringing something more rugged and better off road like a city jogger. Is it all pathed paths or will I be going over grass/bumpy ground?. I’ve been fine with a stroller at CP and Butlins. Do the travel cots have the extra matttresses that you can add? (I’ll take my own if not).

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AutoFilled Wed 03-Oct-18 22:16:45

There are paved roads for golf buggies so you will be fine with an umbrella stroller. However unless you are in a cottage in the centre of the village, I would recommend hiring a golf buggy. Your 7yo will love it!

AutoFilled Wed 03-Oct-18 22:17:28

Not sure about the travel cot as mine were 6 and 3 when we went last year.

Wolfiefan Wed 03-Oct-18 22:17:45

No pavements. Tarmac roads. No cars allowed after unloading. But it’s STEEP in places. We got a golf buggy.

MotherForkinShirtBalls Wed 03-Oct-18 22:19:03

Plenty of paved roads but the hills may kill you! Don't know about the cots either I'm afraid.

Gluetap Wed 03-Oct-18 22:21:25

It’s mostly tarmac apart from the Steep Ravine and Camp Smokey areas. It can get muddy on some of the walks down there, maybe take a sling if you have one?

It’s been a couple of years since we used their travel cots but I don’t think they had the extra mattress. Their customer services are helpful so if you call them they can tell you.

Have fun!

Pootleflump76 Thu 04-Oct-18 10:26:58

Thanks everyone. We have the golf buggy booked already. I’ll also take my Tula sling for the camp area and my own travel cot mattress. Last question - are we likely to be able to book activities when we are there or will everyone have prebooked and they all be full. We are going w/c 15th October which I think is before most schools half term so may be a bit quieter.

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AutoFilled Thu 04-Oct-18 14:34:11

We went during the summer holidays and only per book a few things. Your days are before half term so I wouldn’t book anything until you are there.

Madcats Thu 18-Oct-18 18:07:42

I pushed DD (then 17 months) up and down those hills in the middle of November (I was escaping major building work so I didn't moan). You will be fine with a folding pushchair. Far more bits are tarmac'd (the paths didn't fare well after a heavy downpour).

I think you can tell the number of spaces left on activities when trying to book (I reckon you ought to be fine). Bluestone phoned me a week or 2 before I left to make sure I was ok/encourage me to book things.

Almost a decade ago, but the travelcot was fairly basic cot and mattress.

Pootleflump76 Mon 22-Oct-18 10:43:53

Thanks everyone. We had a lovely time. There was an extra mattress for the travel cot there - but no tray for the IKEA high chair so I would take my own next time. It was a perfect holiday for little ones.

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