A question about teens and premier inns

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mother2mother Wed 26-Sep-18 16:18:04

Ok thanks everyone. Just didn't want us keeping each other awake all night because one of us needs to go to the bathroom or has a sore throat after singing in the concert so spends the night coughing

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Haberpop Wed 26-Sep-18 16:15:14

I used to travel away a lot with my daughter when she was a teen (under 16) and she often had her own room, I just used to request adjoining rooms, never had any problems.

Prettysureitsnotok Wed 26-Sep-18 16:09:48

Yeah that will be totally fine, you're the one booking the room and will be present with the card used for booking etc. I stayed in my own room on family holidays from far younger than 16 - budget hotels rarely care who is actually in the rooms as long as it's paid

mother2mother Wed 26-Sep-18 16:05:36

So me and DD are going to a concert in London however we live about 2 hours from Dublin by train and so we will need to stay overnight. I was looking at premier inns and was wondering if I booked her room and was also staying at the same hotel could she stay in a room by herself. I know the policy is 16+ to book a room but don't know about staying in one. She'll be a couple months off 16 at this point by the way and already can be mistaken for 19 or over.

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