Bedruthan Steps or Watergate Bay hôtel for Xmas break

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user1484986087 Tue 04-Sep-18 15:24:47


We are a family of 2 adults and a baby who will be 18 months at the time of our break...we would like to spend Xmas in Cornwall and in researching baby/child friendly hotels, these two hotels seem to be the best. Not many differences apart from less baby equipment for hire at watergate bay, but would be interested in hearing of experiences of families staying at either hotel...thank you!

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underneaththeash Tue 04-Sep-18 22:23:44

Bedruthan steps is much better for babies, we've stayed a both. Watergate Bay better for older children.

QuirkyKate Wed 05-Sep-18 13:28:35


We have stayed there many times & actually did a rekkie of WB recently for comparison.

Bonus points to Bedruthan for having indoor softplay ideal for winter and an outdoor park area for summer months.

Watergate Bay didn’t come across as anywhere near comparable. It’s aimed towards teenage surfer types.

You’ll have a great time!

MrsEricBana Wed 05-Sep-18 13:34:29

Yes to Bedruthan. Have a look at Fowey Hall too. Really gorgeous, much more personal than Bedruthan, pretty local cove and walkable down to the lovely little town of Fowey, very baby friendly, nice pool, creche etc. Fowey is much more of a treat for the adults while still being 100% baby/child friendly.

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