Driving Hertfordshire to Cornwall - M4/M5 or A303?

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RhythmNBooze Fri 03-Aug-18 10:32:57

Travelling tomorrow morning, probably leaving about 7am. Which way is least traffic jammy and also has nice places to stop for lunch on the way? Me, dh and 2 teen dds.

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PatheticNurse Fri 03-Aug-18 10:38:38

I'd just go which ever way google maps tells me as it will do a live traffic update as you travel

louise987 Fri 03-Aug-18 10:44:16

Personally I would go motorway, a303 has always taken me longer and there's less options for diversions if there are accidents etc. Also feels much quicker ticking past the motorway junctions!

Clevedon has some nice pubs to eat, or around Bridgewater, depends when you plan to stop!

CrispbuttyNo1 Fri 03-Aug-18 10:51:43

I would do m4/m5. I regularly travel from Devon to London and the A303 is hell in places. You could stop off in Exeter for lunch and a look around, then straight onto the A30 into Cornwall from there.

RhythmNBooze Fri 03-Aug-18 11:09:05

Thanks for the replies. Looks like the motorway will be the best option.

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aperolspritzplease Fri 03-Aug-18 11:21:56

A303 has always been a nightmare when I've been on it.

Ariela Fri 03-Aug-18 11:28:04

Personally I'd leave a good hour or hour and a half earlier, meaning you sail through Basingstoke before 7.30am - check the travel (Teenagers can do this) on the way just in case of problems but usually the A303 will be quiet as anything, and you'll have a very scenic trip, with the sun lighting Stonehenge from behind you. Personally I'd avoid the M4 as they've just started night works in preparation for smart motorway-ing it to J12 this week (not sure of Fri night but there are some closures till 6am)
Then you'll have the opportunity to do a little detour for breakfast eg Stones Cafe, Amesbury do lovely breakfasts (open from 8am) or Hillbrush (brush manufacturer factory/museum/cafe/shop at Mere which also opens 8am.

Ariela Fri 03-Aug-18 11:30:12

However I'd agree that later in the day the 303 can be grim, but leave really early and it's lovely, far more scenic & shorter than M4 / M5 which I find a grind past Bristol.

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