NHS maternity leave, help!

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Tweedy212 Thu 19-Jul-18 01:26:07

Hi everyone,

I started a new job in the NHS back in February (my first job within NHS). My partner and I have been talking about ttc and have decided we'd like to start in October. Meaning I will have been at this job for 9 months by then.

I can't really make sense of my entitlement for mat leave at this point. I says in the guidelines by the 11th week before you're expected due date by I'm not sure I'm working it out right.

Would I be entitled to the NHS maternity pay if on the rare chance we get pregant first go/before February 2019?

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mussie Thu 19-Jul-18 01:41:56

You need to be less than 29 weeks pregnant in February 2019, so that works to conceiving in about August 2018? Seeing as you're not TTC until October, you should be absolutely fine! Play around with some due date calculators to make sure, but seems fine to me

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