Where to buy used textbooks year 1

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mmnnbbvvccxxzz Thu 12-Jul-18 00:45:12

Hi girls. I am a new mum who just came to the UK. I would like to buy books like "the new curriculum maths textbook year 1 Scholastic" just to see what do they do here and understand vocabulary used. I know that a lot of people did it. Where can I buy it? On Scholastic website I can only buy bulk of books for £900. Anyone would be so kind and help me with this?

Thanks in advance.

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LemonysSnicket Thu 12-Jul-18 00:48:20

Have you tried abebooks? I have no experience but that's where I bought my Uni books

QuinquiremeOfNineveh Thu 12-Jul-18 00:59:29

Also try charity shops in your local High Street, or second-hand book sales at churches or schools.

Andromeida59 Thu 12-Jul-18 01:01:05

Abebooks are excellent. I'm getting my uni books from there. They're much cheaper than Amazon.

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