Fancy-pants hotels in/near Winchester

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littlemisscomper Wed 04-Jul-18 21:09:41

We're going on a family holiday to Dorset but my parents want to peel off for a couple of days to go to London. We were thinking Winchester is a good half way point as not being too far to drive after a day out in Dorset, and then only an hour by train to London. The trouble is finding a nice hotel. I really wanted to splash out on a special one for my mum as it'll be her birthday, and just love the sound of Lainston house but it's fully booked! It would have ticked all the boxes though: set in acres of gorgeous grounds, tasteful traditional decor, very posh, all of that. Can anyone recommend somewhere similar? It's ok if it's a little way out of Winchester (lets say 20 minutes drive from the train station) but the Dorset side would make sense. I'd really like it to have grounds/gardens, and be rated 4 or 5 stars with a restaurant.

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applesandpears56 Wed 04-Jul-18 21:14:26

Ah I was going to say lainston house! The hotel du vin in the city center is nice but not got the gardens etc.
Other than that nearest nicest is probably chewton glen

Grumpbum Wed 04-Jul-18 21:17:44

Chewton Glen
The Pig in Brockenhurst
Lime wood
The pig in the wall in Southampton
Rhinefield House
Not a hotel but spot in the woods in a lovely B&B

applesandpears56 Wed 04-Jul-18 21:18:23

Oh or slightly cheaper is Oakley Hall

Eve Wed 04-Jul-18 21:22:46

All those mentioned also, montgeau arms and it’s sister hotel in brockenhurst that I can’t remember.

Jenijena Wed 04-Jul-18 21:26:01

Will they be going by train? If so the stations
at Ashurst, Beaulieu Road and Brockenhurst might be worth looking at for alternative points.

I’ve not been but Chewton Glen is supposed to be vair nice...

Eve Wed 04-Jul-18 21:26:10

Carey’s manor !

Also Rhinefield house but never stayed or eaten there so can’t vouch for it.

Stayed and/or eaten at all the others and would do so againat any. ( my favourite would be chewton Glen room, Montageau arms restaurant, limewood spa!)

Kingsclerelass Wed 04-Jul-18 21:27:32

If you’d like something in Winchester, a suite at the Winchester Royal overlooking the walled garden.

Grumpbum Wed 04-Jul-18 21:28:28

Rhinefield is lovely

littlemisscomper Wed 04-Jul-18 21:29:26

Wow, thanks everyone!! They'll be driving from Dorset and then stopping overnight, training to London and back the next day, stopping that night too and then driving back to Dorset. I'll check out all those suggestions now!

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BeBesideTheSea Wed 04-Jul-18 21:30:23

Cheetos Glen is over an hour from Winchester by car

BeBesideTheSea Wed 04-Jul-18 21:30:52

Chewton not Cheetos

applesandpears56 Wed 04-Jul-18 21:34:00

Chewton Glen is on way from Dorset to London Beside!

Eve Wed 04-Jul-18 21:37:00

A really lovely pub to stay at would be the greyhound in Stockbridge, fab restaurant , right on the river and Stockbridge is a lovely town close to Winchester.

Grumpbum Wed 04-Jul-18 21:49:46

The Peat Spade in Longstock is also nice

ShoeJunkie Wed 04-Jul-18 22:02:31

The Old Vine is very nice, just by Winchester Cathedral

littlemisscomper Fri 06-Jul-18 20:54:18

Thanks everyone! I'm managed to book the Lainston for the night of my mum's birthday at least, even though they can't do the next day. Those of you who have eaten there, what's the menu like? The fancier hotels tend to do weird combinations of meat and fruit, or seafood dishes, neither of which would be to my mum's taste at all. Are there any simpler pasta or chicken dishes?

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BeBesideTheSea Sat 07-Jul-18 07:52:01

@applesandpears56 It is indeed - but the OP wanted to be 20 minutes from Winchester station!

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