travelling on a Friday

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mosessupposes Sun 01-Jul-18 16:35:36

Apparently travelling from the Dover area to near Manchester on a Friday is a stupid idea because it would be so busy, with lorries, and I should pay for a night in a hotel in order to travel on a Saturday. Or else leave at dawn on Friday. Are my parents being overly pessimistic or is this true.

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MaureenMLove Sun 01-Jul-18 16:44:49

You are going to hit traffic at Dartford Crossing, Birmingham and then in Manchester, but if you time it right and aren't near any of those places at peak Friday afternoon times, you should be OK.

MirandaCharlotte Sun 01-Jul-18 22:01:02

Travelling across the UK on Fridays is a nightmare especially if you are trying to go anywhere in the south east. You have all the usual commercial and business traffic plus the great Friday London/other big cities/urban connurbations exodus which starts just before lunch and goes on for what seems ever and fills up every available road.
If you like traffic jams and get on very well with your travelling companions, then go on Friday. If you would prefer to arrive in Manchester still friends with everyone in your car and not hot, fed up, in danger of losing the will to live and not caring at all anymore about whatever you're going to Manchester for, then stay in a hotel and travel on Saturday. It will be worth every penny. (Said the woman who'd spend 11 hours a couple of Fridays ago making a cross country journey that usually takes a max 8 hours on a Saturday.)

mosessupposes Thu 05-Jul-18 12:29:06

Ok, thanks for the input, I'm taking it all on board and looking at other options.

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