Where to stop one night on the way to St Ives Cornwall?

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Futter Mon 11-Jun-18 22:32:45

Hi all
We are going to st ives for a week end of June but thinking of travelling down the day before and staying the night at a family friendly hotel for one night to break the journey up.
I'm heavily pregnant and we have a 3 year old so will be stopping anyway so why not make a proper stop off we thought!
Any recommendations of family friendly hotels or places to stay enroute off the m5?
Love what the Sands resort and Bedruthan offer but they are in Cornwall so want something not quite as far down ideally!
Thanks all

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mummymeister Sat 16-Jun-18 10:20:46

Not sure where you are coming from but a Travelodge place in Bristol and take you LO to @bristol museum or the brunel ship would be fun.

onlyoranges Tue 03-Jul-18 22:14:46

We always stay at Jamaica inn. Love it. We always read the kids version of the book the weeks before but yours is a little bit small for that. Still there could be pirate conversation! We’ve stayed at both sands and Bedruthan but they are both really busy I don’t know if they’d do just one night. I could be wrong though as it’s June but Jamaica inn is mainly people on short breaks.

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