Where for short break Devon/Cornwall pls?!

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Blossom4538 Sat 09-Jun-18 13:46:56

We’ve just come back from a break in East Devon with was lovely and we’re looking to book Devon/Cornwall over the Summer, as we’ve had to cancel our trip abroad.

Any recommendations of areas greatly appreciated! We have a 7yr old, like picturesque countryside, villages and towns to explore and lovely coastline! I’ve been looking online but there’s too much to choose from and I’m lost!

Thank you

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Ricekrispie22 Sun 10-Jun-18 08:56:14

The area around of Torbay which consists of Torquay, Paignton, Brixham and Babbacombe is perfect for a family holiday with young children. There's so much to do, from zoos and caves to steam trains and model villages. There's a historic pier to explore, a large water park, Agatha Christies's riverside house... I could go on, but instead just look at this link www.englishriviera.co.uk/things-to-do/english-riviera-attractions/family-fun
This is a really good guide to the coastline in the region

mummymeister Sun 10-Jun-18 15:10:24

hate to say it but you are leaving it very late to find something in school summer holidays in cornwall. lots of places book out months if not a year in advance particularly those that are child friendly - a consequence of the gove changes to holidays in term time!

your best bet would be to look at either the very beginning of the hols - before the 20th July if you break up before then or the last weekend which starts on the 31st August. quite a few places will have spaces then.

we love the area around Looe in Cornwall because its much quieter than the north coast, easier for us to get to as its only 25 mins from Plymouth so not the far end of Cornwall and there are lots of child friendly things to do. when we go to cornwall we stay at Wringworthy cottages near Looe. they have a swimming pool and farm animals on a small family run site. worth seeing what they have available. If not then you might get lucky with an Airbnb but you really do take your chances with people on this site in terms of the quality of the accommodation. wherever you do go make sure you have parking. we got caught out once with a little cottage with no parking and it was a real pain.

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