After in London with DH. What would you do?

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balancingfigure Tue 22-May-18 13:17:54

So we are spending a few days in London with friends but have an afternoon to ourselves and would love ideas/recommendations for lunch and/or sightseeing.

We don’t want to do a major attraction as the rest of the break is quite busy including a theatre visit and sporting event. Also any family type attractions we would rather save for when we visit with DC.

We don’t visit London very often, like walking and are staying near Waterloo.

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Ricekrispie22 Tue 22-May-18 17:23:21

Starting at Tower Hill underground station, walk past the Tower of London, across Tower Bridge and then turn right to walk along the river bank on the south side up to Waterloo Bridge. You'll go past HMS Belfast (stop for lunch at Tom's Kitchen Deli) the Golden Hinde, Shakespeare's Globe, Tate Modern and the National Theatre in that order but I'd take a detour away from the bank just after the Golden Hinde to visit one of the best food markets in London: Borough Market.

frasier Tue 22-May-18 17:34:07

Don’t miss Leake St graffiti tunnel! Leads to Lower Marsh, several great coffee shops inc Scooter Cafe.

Imperial War Museum and both Tates a short walk away from Waterloo

GemmaB78 Tue 22-May-18 17:36:29

I like ricekrispie22's suggestion. I used to work on the South Bank (many years ago!) and it's a great spot for some walking, so sightseeing and some great places to get something to eat and drink.

Growingboys Tue 22-May-18 17:42:36

Yes good idea from Rice Krispie.

Eat something from Horn OK Please in Borough Market - it is amazing!

Then maybe cross the river and go to Fortnums and buy something nice to take home. Then cross the road and visit the Royal Academy - free to enter and lovely.

crazymumofthree Tue 22-May-18 17:44:50

I have heard so many friends say how amazing the sky gardens were however have t been there myself personally!

TeresasGreen Tue 22-May-18 17:45:52

An easy walk to the Royal Academy and Fortnums is a really great new restaurant called Scully we had lunch there a couple of weeks ago, and it was the best food I've had in ages (and I ate at the Fat Duck last year!).

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