Caravan hire / site suggestions, with toddler, 2-3 hours from Manchester.

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Scout2016 Sun 06-May-18 19:49:26

Looking for caravan sites that hire out vans, for me & husband and our 2 year old. Mid/ north wales and Northumberland are favourite places. Would consider South Wales or little bit further afield for somewhere that looks really ace though. We like beaches and wildlife more than sporty type things. A play area and pool / sandpit would be great but somewhere for daughter to run about a bit on site, watch squirels and do toddler things like collect sticks and pocket some snails would do. On site animals would be wonderful but probably unrealistic. Butlins type places look good in terms of the activities and facilities but with the cost that can wait until she's older - and we'd rather support a family business. I had great caravan holidays as a kid in vans of family friends and relatives but I don't know anyone with a static van now I'm a parent.

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northbynorthwesty Sun 06-May-18 19:54:08

Tallacre, n. Wales? A bit Manchester-on-sea though smile

Scout2016 Sun 06-May-18 22:23:44

Oooh, never heard of it. Will check it out, thank you.

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