Center Parcs discount code anyone?!

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Newbiecat Fri 04-May-18 20:16:45

A bit cheeky perhaps but wondering if anyone has a discount code they won’t be using for Center Parcs? We’re hoping to go to Whinfell Forest for a weekend in June and a little extra off would be a great help!

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FleurDelacoeur Fri 04-May-18 20:17:38

They don't do discount codes.

Newbiecat Fri 04-May-18 20:20:02

Oh, I remember in the past being given a voucher or something to use for booking again that year? It was ages ago tho

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DharmaInitiativeLady Fri 04-May-18 20:21:13

They do a 'come back soon' you mean this? Which involves entering personal details of the previous booker?


Newbiecat Fri 04-May-18 20:22:15

Hmmm, maybe it was 7 years ago. Possibly not one to ask for on here then shock

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FleurDelacoeur Fri 04-May-18 20:22:28

Yes - for the "come back soon" deal you have to enter your previous booking number and surname.

Mrs Jones cannot use a "come back soon" code issued to Mrs Smith. They check.

pinkchampagne1 Fri 04-May-18 23:44:47

The "come back soon" offer is £25 in Centre Parcs vouchers and free insurance if you book again within 28 days of returning. The European Centre Parcs offer a discount and free activities if you book a few months in advance but the UK parks only offer the "come back soon"

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