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Norfolk Beach Holidays in July - ideas please

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BrownSugarBabe Tue 15-May-07 14:04:20

Hi guys. We have one DS aged 3.5. Any ideas for a holiday in Norfolk in July. Quiet sandy beaches that are safe for children. We don't necessarily want to stay in Hunstanton or Gt Yarmouth but we do want to be within driving distance of either, so we can have the kiss-me-quick experience. But we don't want to be in a really remote quiet place either. Prefer self-catering.

Iklboo Tue 15-May-07 14:05:42

Look at the Blakes holiday brochures. They do cottages, houseboats & canal cruisers all around Norfolk area in v easy driving disctance of Gt Yarmouth (Swaffham etc)

BrownSugarBabe Tue 15-May-07 14:06:53

Thanks Iklboo, I'll Google that.

Iklboo Tue 15-May-07 14:08:05

We're going to Hoseasons camp in Gt Yarmouth in October and I can't wait! It will be DS's first holiday

Fimbo Tue 15-May-07 14:14:52

Swaffham is a bit of hike for a day trip to Gt Yarmouth.

You should try Southwold on the Suffolk coast. Hang on and I will find a link....

Iklboo Tue 15-May-07 14:15:57

Can't remember whre we stayed the other year that was near GY - on the River Yare or Bure I think

Fimbo Tue 15-May-07 14:18:44

Just an example .

Fimbo Tue 15-May-07 14:20:22


annobal Tue 15-May-07 14:27:05

Hi, we stayed in Morston (near Blakeney) over Easter and had a great time. It's on the Nth Norfolk coast and you can take a seal trip to Blakeney Point from there. It is also accessible to Wells and Holkham and there's crabbing at Burnham Overy Staithe. There was loads to do for adults and kids. The place we stayed in was great but hated that no towels were provided - we stayed in the old byre

BrownSugarBabe Tue 15-May-07 14:59:47

Thanks for those suggestions, and links. I think a cottage or an apartment might suit us - 'cos it can be self catering. My DS is a real beach bum - and he really doesn't like fun fair rides, etc although he is OK with adventure playgrounds, steam trains, and likes farms, Sea Life, etc.
Going off for a while now to collect DS. Keep posting suggestions if you can!

ProfYaffle Tue 15-May-07 15:07:14

My pil live in Gorleston which is more or less a suburb of GY. The beach there is fantastic, wide, sandy, safe, not commercialised at all, there is one beach cafe and a handful of shops but that's it. There is b*gger all in Gorleston itself though but it might make a reasonable touring base.

peachdribble Thu 15-Sep-11 23:52:56

We went for a couple of days to Sheringham on the north of the Norfolk coast with out 3yr old- has an endless sandy beach and a full sized vintage steam and diesel railway - I wish we could have stayed longer cos it was one of the friendliest places I've ever visited in the UK! Lovely - will definitely be going back smile

cazzybabs Sun 18-Sep-11 20:21:56

wells next the sea

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