Best fish and chips in Anglesey

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Barbeasty Sat 28-Apr-18 19:52:02

We're staying near Cemaes, but will be travelling around over the week so not too bothered about location.


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Jaimx86 Sat 28-Apr-18 19:26:50

The Golden Fry in Benllech if you're over that way.

Barbeasty Sat 28-Apr-18 19:22:01

Where would you say does the best fish & chips in Anglesey?

We stayed there last year and DH bought some on the night he arrived with the DC (I had to travel there a day later). The shop was just closing, so also gave them the bits which hadn't been sold. DH ended up throwing most of the food away as it wasn't good.

We're going again this year and would love to find some better fish & chips, whether it's on our 1st night or later in the week-long so it doesn't matter too much where on the island it is!

Any suggestions?

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