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lozster Sat 21-Apr-18 16:54:11

I’m feeling like a real country bumpkin! It’s an age since I’ve been in London and despite trying to read up on Oyster cards I’m not really ‘getting’ it (I know, I know, indulge me)

I’m coming for 3 days with my 4 year old. Should I order an Oyster card (just for me?) or can you pay with contactless direct debit? Also do you swipe in and out with the card? If so, how does this work with a 4 year old?
Thanks smile

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Ivgotasecretcanyoukeepit Sat 21-Apr-18 17:00:53

You can just pay with contactless card otherwise just get your Oyster card from the tube station and top it up with your required about.

Yes you swipe and out with the card at the tube station. I’m not sure about your 4 year old. Have you checked the TfL website?

I would just use contactless card though it’s much easier.

Winterfellismyhome Sat 21-Apr-18 17:02:15

4 year old will go free. Just use the wider gates at the station and both walk through together

catchyjem Sat 21-Apr-18 17:03:16

Easier to use your contactless card. You don't need a card for your 4 year old you just go through the wide disabled/luggage/buggy gates with him

MargoChanning Sat 21-Apr-18 17:06:08

You can also use contactless debit cards on the bus. Young children travel free.

BishopBrennansArse Sat 21-Apr-18 17:07:19

Don't swipe out on buses, though. Only tube.

DairyisClosed Sat 21-Apr-18 17:07:25

Just pay with cibtactless

lozster Sat 21-Apr-18 17:11:13

Thanks so much! I have ‘the fear’ of being that person mithering at the gate! I think my 4 year old is free - he is on trains. I won’t bother with the Oyster card, just use my direct debit for contactless.

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UpLighter Sat 21-Apr-18 17:16:59

Gates are what you would expect a gets to be, with a yellow circle on the right hand side, put your debit card on the circle and the gate will open.
As people have said, on a tube you do it in and out then with buses just when you get on.
Best to push child in wheel chair through, carry or make sure they go through first as the gates can shut quite hard

lozster Sat 21-Apr-18 18:41:13


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