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Renting a sports car for our 'adult' weekend away.

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twentypence Sun 13-May-07 06:49:57

Dh really like hiring an MX5 to go away for the weekend when we were in the UK.

We are going back for a holiday and my family are looking after ds while we go and see out childless friends (which should prevent some AIBU threads).

Any recommendations for Manchester/Oldham/Rochdale rental places that could do this?

luciemule Sun 13-May-07 09:42:51

Try Herzt - DH keeps saying he might hire a porche through them for a weekend. He had to hire a car in Germany to take him back from the airport and he said it would be cheaper than having a track day and was surprised that it wasn't that much for more expensive cars.

Skribble Sun 13-May-07 11:38:04

Classic Car Hire .

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