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Haven holidays anyone stayed in Dorset ones?

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triplets Thu 10-May-07 14:23:41

Haven have some good halfterm deals for the 25th May w/ends. Anybody tried them?

DaddyCool Thu 10-May-07 14:31:15

yes. i was at the one in Poole. It was really good because the area is fantastic (some great beaches around b'mouth. loved the place)

They are cheesy but great fun. We've done a few of them and that says a lot because I'm a bit of a snob.

They are ridiculously cheap and if you're after simple pleasures like the beach, some sun and good larf then they are great.

triplets Thu 10-May-07 14:37:15

Thanks, they are offering the one at Littlesea for £239 4* for 3 nights!

DaddyCool Thu 10-May-07 14:37:25

oh and spend just a little more and get a 'Gold' one. There isn't anything really wrong with silver or bronze but the gold are impressive little boxes. it's amazing how much they can cram into those little aluminium shacks. all the mod cons.

DaddyCool Thu 10-May-07 14:39:13

we got one at the caister, norfolk one *half board*, gold for.... 110 quid! but that wasn't half term.

these are such fun. you just get to relax and fart about for a few days.

triplets Thu 10-May-07 14:40:37

They want over a £100 more to upgrade!

DaddyCool Thu 10-May-07 14:41:09

we were at rockley park. littlesea looked good. we drove past it. Its not right on the beach (i don't think) but very close to some excellent beaches.

DaddyCool Thu 10-May-07 14:42:18

hmmm... 100 quid more? tough one. you don't want to pay to much for these. you want a bargain. Saying that, the gold is pretty good. hmmmmm....

triplets Thu 10-May-07 14:46:20

I just want bargain, we are going down to stay with a friend in Cornwall for the halfterm and I just thought from Kent it would be a good halfway break, and a treat for the kids with the pool etc! Must dash time for school, thanks.

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