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fab overnight stops along M1?

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Kif Wed 09-May-07 17:47:17

Anyone have recomendations for good pit stops on A1/M1? Bargainous yet fabulous and practical for babies and toddlers would be nice....

Family Kif have decided to road trip ... tomorrow

WideWebWitch Wed 09-May-07 20:43:17

Where on the M1?

Kif Wed 09-May-07 21:01:19

we're driving from london to north yorks. ... so not too close to london - somwhere to break our trip

WideWebWitch Wed 09-May-07 21:16:33

Milton Keynes/Northampton would be about 2 hours out of London, depending on where n London you're driving from. I would suggest The Grove in Hertfordshire but it's only in Watford direction!

Have you checked the travelodge site? You can search by motorway and although they're not swish they are clean and have a bed/sofa bed for children and a bathroom, which is all you need really for a pitstop.

Kif Wed 09-May-07 23:04:12

travelodge have broken my heart by having a four day lock out on their saver rates!

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