Give me itinerary suggestions for touring Scotland, please

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Idontmeanto Sun 25-Mar-18 15:00:36

We want to do Edinburgh and some nice beaches/islands. Where would Mumsnet recommend please?!

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buddhasbelly Sun 25-Mar-18 15:02:53

How long have you got? Taking a car? Children? smile

PrimalLass Sun 25-Mar-18 15:07:36

Think we need a bit more information.

Idontmeanto Sun 25-Mar-18 15:09:28

Kids will be 5, 14 and possibly 16, though she may choose to go off with friends instead. We could take up to 2 weeks over it.

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Idontmeanto Sun 25-Mar-18 15:09:42

Yes to car

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nordicflamingo Sun 25-Mar-18 15:12:29

I did the three day version a few years ago but I would just follow their itinerary tbh if I was doing it myself.

buddhasbelly Sun 25-Mar-18 15:14:06

Oh and what time off year?

Bardolino Sun 25-Mar-18 15:15:27

Depends how far you want to travel. We spent a week in Edinburgh last summer, could easily spend longer.

Islands, you'd need to travel North/West; long drive (although some beautiful routes) and you'd definitely need a car.

If you're happy with beaches, start in Edinburgh then move on to East Lothian (East of Edinburgh) or go up to Fife. Plenty of beaches to explore there, and it's just across the bridge from Edinburgh. Having a car would likely be easier, but you could probably do it by bus/train too.

Actually, Edinburgh itself has beaches: Cramond is a wee gem and Portobello is lovely.

PaddyF0dder Sun 25-Mar-18 15:15:41

Here’s some essentials in my opinion:
- Isle of Skye
- Glen Coe
- Edinburgh
- Glasgow

If you want to go further afield, the Moray Firth and the Speyside region is great. Islay, Arran, Harris and Lewis.

Bardolino Sun 25-Mar-18 15:16:56

If you're looking to do Skye over the summer season - book in advance. They had serious accommodation shortages last summer.

PaddyF0dder Sun 25-Mar-18 15:22:20

What Bardolino said.

Skye could feasibly do for a whole week. Gorgeous and so much to do. Whatever else you do, do Skye. You won’t regret it!

nordicflamingo Sun 25-Mar-18 17:19:14

If you spend the week in Skye, do a day trip as a passenger over to Harris. It’s beautiful.

Idontmeanto Sun 25-Mar-18 18:42:00

Thanks so much folks. I think I want to move about quite a bit, but day trip to Harris sounds wonderful.

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nordicflamingo Sun 25-Mar-18 19:34:54

If you do, don’t take your car and go from skye. It’s cheaper and you can’t book on the boat so you know you’re not going to get stuck.

I would look at some tours and see what itineraries they follow as they have it down to a fine art. On the three day we stopped st everything although we didn’t go into eilean donan or culloden.

Sunrise888 Sun 25-Mar-18 19:40:08

Look up the North Coast 500 route. It's an amazing driving holiday, we did it in a week and finished with Skye.

MrsMoastyToasty Sun 25-Mar-18 19:46:35

Caledonian Macbrayne do a variety of crossings to the islands.
Mull is lovely, and from there you can go on to Iona.
On the mainland there is the Falkirk Wheel, Edinburgh Castle, Royal Yacht Britannia at Leith, Loch Ness.
When are you planning on visiting and where are you travelling from?

dementedma Sun 25-Mar-18 19:54:55

The East Neuk of Fife is lovely for beaches, little fishing villages, boat trips. You have quite a big age gap with the dcs so need a mix of things I suppose to suit both.. Stirling Castle is great, and Fort George at Inverness is interesting and you can see dolphins and propoises. If you go to the island of Lewis and Harris, visit the village of the Black houses.

Elllicam Sun 25-Mar-18 19:59:36

Speyside is beautiful, around Loch Morlich is my favourite bit of Scotland. It also has Landmark (great for the kids), the Highland Folk Museum (it has real crofts with actors in them and bits of Outlander were filmed there), the speyside railway, the Highlamd Wildlife Park. Definitely worth a visit.

nordicflamingo Sun 25-Mar-18 21:06:05

Mull is beautiful, you could spend a week travelling that coast, Going up to Oban via dunoon and Inveraray then travel down via Lochgilphead and Campbeltown. Take the boat back to the mainland (if it’s running angry)

nordicflamingo Sun 25-Mar-18 21:06:51

I think what we’re sayinv is, forget the holiday and just move up here. It’s all brilliant. Even Falkirk with the kelpies and wheel (and little else).

thatmustbenigelwiththebrie Wed 28-Mar-18 09:50:14

I cycled the North Coast 500 last year. It was beautiful. There were plenty of people driving it but I think the roads are too small to enjoy driving (I hate driving though).

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