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Cottage in Isle of Wight...any tips/ideas?

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hjscho Tue 08-May-07 15:03:30

I am planning a holiday in the Isle of Wight and wondered if anyone had stayed there in a cottage that they could recommend. If not, where is the best area to stay, so I can narrow down my search? I have an 20 month old DS and 4 week old DD and need to keep them (well DS, at least) occupied.

FrayedKnot Tue 08-May-07 15:13:09

I can recommend this company


We stayed in a lovely barn conversion last Septemper, it was in Niton.

I notice that the prices seem to have gone up a lot for this season, but we did book late.

I love the IOW, there is so much to do with small children.

We have stayed in St Lawrence & Niton, which are near to good beaches at Steephill Cove / Ventnor / Shanklin.

I didn;t like Cowes, thought it was really run down, and not so keen on the area around Sandown.


FrayedKnot Tue 08-May-07 15:13:43

try again!

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