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Bobbybobbins Fri 16-Mar-18 17:36:57

My DH and I have a rare night away from the kids in London and want to go and have a great meal.

We like interesting, exotic food. We will be staying near Kings Cross so central ish would be good.

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?

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condepetie Fri 16-Mar-18 18:24:23

I love Abeno (Holborn) and Abeno Too (Leicester Square). They're Japanese restaurants that specialise in the Osakan specialty okonomiyaki, absolutely delicious food that's quite hard to find in the UK.

TalkinPeace Fri 16-Mar-18 18:25:32

THe restaurants that are up flights of stairs serve the best food

Bobbybobbins Fri 16-Mar-18 19:20:51

Thanks for the suggestions!

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Avasarala Fri 16-Mar-18 19:25:50

If you want a fun experience and like french food - Dans le Noir. It's a French restaurant and you eat in pitch black; it's all about experiencing to food. I'm a big foodie and it was just delicious. They have a great wee cocktail bar and you choose from a selection if menus (courses, drinks etc) but the food itself will be a surprise - so you guess what it is. The whole thing was just great.

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