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Norwich-whats good to do with preschoolers, pref a bit sciency?

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Fillyjonk Mon 07-May-07 08:54:35

thats it really

have week there soon with PIL <shudder>

we are both a bit sciency and are trying to indoctrinate kids similarly

MIL, history buff, will drag us to those graves and the rest

anything good? aside from obv dinoworld and bressingham

Fillyjonk Mon 07-May-07 09:01:39

family fun day to celebrate paving slabs...

oh ONLY in Norwich

ChasingSquirrels Mon 07-May-07 09:05:26

Inspire Discovery Centre

Fillyjonk Mon 07-May-07 09:09:21

ah yes thats exactly what i was after


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