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sands, cornwall

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nappyaddict Sun 06-May-07 22:14:50

has anyone stayed here? i've always fancied going cos we've stayed near it and now i have a baby i feel i can justify going. i would probably want to use the baby listening service. can anyone tell me what sort it is - ie, person on corridor listening, reception checking via phone etc and how good it was.

LIZS Mon 07-May-07 08:52:17

We went several years ago ( I gather it has been refurbished since) and the baby listening then was monitored at the Reception desk and they'd notify you if your child cried or they heard noise. Every time the restaurant phone rang a hush fell as all waited in the hope it wasn't for them ! There was also an evening child minding service in the creches.

nappyaddict Mon 07-May-07 12:44:44

thanks lizs. do you know how often the reception ring up to the room to check on them? ds sleeps through pretty much and if not he generally doesn't wake until 3 or 4ish so i think we would be ok.

LIZS Mon 07-May-07 13:27:06

Sorry can't remember.

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