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B&Bs/ Hotels in Cambridge/Kings Lynn area

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NutterlyUts Sun 06-May-07 20:31:19

Am coming from the Channel Islands to the UK for a dog show and currently all I know its is in the cambridge/kings lynn area.

Does anyone know of any budget B&Bs/Hotels there, ideally with a website that I can take a look at? Will be travelling over 9/10th June


SenoraPostrophe Sun 06-May-07 20:33:15

kings lynn is a long way from Cambridge. do you not know exactly where it is?

(am having visions of dog owners meeting up on the a10 before travelling in convoy to secret illegal dogshow venue. could be fun!)

NutterlyUts Sun 06-May-07 20:35:25

Am waiting to hear back. Currently all I know it's somewhere between Kings Lynn and Cambridge. I don't drive, so where ever I stay needs to have train/bus to the site

[useless person me !!]

SenoraPostrophe Sun 06-May-07 20:40:37

downham market campsite might do?

public transport is a bit rubbish in east anglia, so don't know about bus to site. downhm's on the main train line though.

Millarkie Sun 06-May-07 20:40:51

My dh has been staying at a B and B in a village north of Cambridge - it is cheap but clean and friendly. Not sure if it's on bus route to any where useful though.
it's this one

SenoraPostrophe Sun 06-May-07 20:41:54

hang on that's in kings lynn. I thought there was one in downham.

NutterlyUts Sun 06-May-07 20:45:24

Thanks everyone. This isn't really a very good thread is it?

SenoraPostrophe Sun 06-May-07 20:48:30

well I know the area well but have never stayed in a hotel there.

as I say, public transport is rubbish so I'd wait till you know where it is. unless there is a campsite in downham.

Millarkie Sun 06-May-07 22:18:45

Dim question (but at least it will bump your thread) - are you taking a dog to the show? (May limit your b and b options)

NutterlyUts Sun 06-May-07 22:37:09

Nope. Purely a spectator to research

Lilymaid Tue 08-May-07 12:36:08

There are links to a number of guesthouses/B&Bs here for the area around Ely (mid way between Cambridge and Kings Lynn. If you need public transport, the best way to travel would be by train. North of Cambridge the train stops at Waterbeach, Ely, Littleport, Downham Market and Watlington before terminating at Kings Lynn

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