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Nearest beach to New Buckenham, Norfolk

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Dalesgirl16 Sat 10-Mar-18 18:37:34

We are going to New Buckenham, south Norfolk, for a long weekend soon. We would like to visit a lovely beach , ideally with a promenade (as taking toddler in pram). Can anyone recommend one not too far?

lljkk Sat 10-Mar-18 18:45:11

At least an hour's drive to Lowestoft or Southwold. I don't think either has a proper promenade, though.
Thetford forest is a nice place for a stroll.

Dalesgirl16 Sun 11-Mar-18 16:07:12

Thank you. I will look up that forest

Blowinbubbles Sun 11-Mar-18 16:17:24

Lowestoft and Southwold both have promenades - Lowestofts is very long with 2 piers, Southwolds is quite small with 1 pier but attractive. For me Aldeburgh is the best, it's at beach level so you can see the fishing boats on the shore and the town is alongside -its picturesque and full of great shops.

Ickyockycocky Sun 11-Mar-18 16:21:22

Southwold is lovely with a nice beach, a promenade and a great pier to walk on, the town is also nice. There's also a harbour area to potter about.

Dalesgirl16 Sun 11-Mar-18 16:59:09

I have heard of Cromer, Sheringham, Winterton on Sea and, of, course, Great Yarmouth. Which of the three is prettiest and would have places for lunch with baby?

Dalesgirl16 Sun 11-Mar-18 17:07:53

Sorry I didn't see these posts about Suffolk when I wrote my last post. Thank you

Earthgirlsareeasy Sun 11-Mar-18 17:11:54

Yarmouth is pretty easy to get to from New Buckingham, it's just the A11 then A47. Cromer and Sheringham will take you much longer from there. Lots of family friendly places to eat in all three.

Ickyockycocky Sun 11-Mar-18 17:59:12

Cromer and Sheringham are lovely but miles from where you are staying.

I find Great Yarmouth a bit tacky to be honest. Winterton on Sea is a small place with not much there.

As someone else has said Aldeburgh is also nice.

Dalesgirl16 Sun 11-Mar-18 20:09:33

Thank you. I checked on Google Maps and all of the resorts I mention are about an hour away, including the Suffolk towns.

pinkpixie83 Sun 11-Mar-18 20:15:50

Southwold and aldburgh are lovely places.

Cromer is the prettiest of the the three Norfolk beaches you have mentioned, about an hour and 15 from where you are. Great Yarmouth is the closest but the tackiest.

Banham zoo is very close to where you are, Thetford forest is lovely.

I'm fairly local if I can be of any help

Dalesgirl16 Sun 11-Mar-18 20:23:58

Thanks. I've actually been to Southwold and Aldeburgh before so that's why I'm thinking more of Norfolk beaches as we've never been to Norfolk before. If the weather is dry we would like to visit that zoo and a seaside; if not, we will go to Norwich cathedral and not sure what else. We are there for three nights.

pinkpixie83 Sun 11-Mar-18 20:27:31

Cromer would probably have my vote then, or Wells next the sea.

It's a nice zoo, although loads of improvements since I worked there.

orangetreesinwinter Sun 11-Mar-18 20:35:29

Cromer has a pier, a promenade, a lovely sandy and pebbly beach and loads of cafes, fish and chips etc. The beach at Cromer is much better than sheringham.

Other than the cathedral, norwich also has a big castle with a museum and 2 other museums for a wet day.

lljkk Sun 11-Mar-18 21:08:05

I don't find Google maps reliable for estimating driving times in Norfolk. I suggest that you plan for possibly taking 15-30 minutes longer and if I'm wrong, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Ickyockycocky Sun 11-Mar-18 21:14:37

Cromer is one of my favourite places. I reckon about an hour and a half to Cromer from where you're staying but well worth it.

Dalesgirl16 Sun 11-Mar-18 21:20:04

Ok, brilliant thank you all.

Dalesgirl16 Mon 12-Mar-18 15:11:13

Sorry one more question! Does anyone know which is the nearest town that might have restaurants or pubs that serve food all day? The village places and those around it only open for lunch and dinner. My toddler eats at 4.30pm and it would be nice not to have to cook while away and have early dinner out.

pinkpixie83 Mon 12-Mar-18 16:17:10

I would image the chain pub in diss would serve all day, think it's a marsdens.

Possibly the white lodge in Attleborough, not sure on the hours of that one.

kinorsam Mon 12-Mar-18 16:57:30

If there is an east wind blowing off the sea, the east coast will be bloody freezing chilly to say the least, so if the weather is like that, stay a bit inland or head to Hunstanton, which faces west.

lljkk Mon 12-Mar-18 20:33:01

Lots of bad quality food in Cromer (unhelpful). Also lots of cute cafes.. that tend to close by 4pm. You'll find plethora of take-away near the pier.

Dalesgirl16 Tue 13-Mar-18 21:52:10

After all that research into the area, the owner cancelled the booking today! We have been searching around and found something in North Elmham, near Dereham. Will need to research all day dining places again! And a zoo or safari park?

Ickyockycocky Tue 13-Mar-18 21:58:01

At least you'll be closer to north Norfolk!

MegBusset Tue 13-Mar-18 22:06:06

Go to Dinosaur Adventure in Lenwade - fab for toddlers, has a small petting zoo and deer safari, soft play, huge playground, etc.

Gressenhall Workhouse Museum is really interesting to visit and has a rare breeds farm, playground, tea shop etc.

For your seaside promenade definitely go to Cromer.

The Rocket House Cafe in Cromer does lovely food, think it's open until 5pm. Or No.1 Cromer or Mary Jane's for fish and chips.

Dalesgirl16 Tue 13-Mar-18 22:10:06

Yes, North Norfolk beaches! Watch how it rains every day now! Thanks for the recommendations too. I found a zoo called Amazona too. Really looking forward to it.

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