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Anyone eaten in Hotel Du Vin with children?

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Eve Sun 06-May-07 13:46:02 I have worked all weekend, my boss is paying for lunch for us tomorrow.

DH & I were going to go to our favourite, Hotel Du Vin, but not sure how they will treat the boys (7 & 4).

quokka Sun 06-May-07 13:47:32

had my wedding reception there and loved it! Sorry didn't have any kids there, but think it would be fine

treacletart Sun 06-May-07 13:57:05

We went to the Brighton one a few weeks ago to open our envelope and discover the gender of bump no2 - had a really great lunch - there were 2 kids at another table, admittedly so well behaved I felt duty bound to congratulate them - but they all seemed happy with their treatment. Doubt they'll do a kids menu but I bet if you ask nicely they'll do half portions or make up something simple if you need them to. Have a great time!

Eve Sun 06-May-07 14:04:31

lovely thank you.

Boys will behave themselves..(if threatened and bribed enough) wasn't sure how welcoming the hotel would be to them.

Eve Sun 06-May-07 19:13:14


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