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Windsor and Maidenhead - ideas for places to go with 3 small children

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Jo15 Sun 06-May-07 12:41:50


I am hoping to meet my sister in Windsor or Maidennead tomorrow as it is half way between where we both live. However, neither of us are familiar with the area and were hoping you might have some suggestions of places to go or eat with three small children. We have a newborn and 1 year old and a 4 year old. We would love to hear of some restaurants with play areas if you know of any or any other child friendly venues.

Here's hoping there are some Windsor folk logged on!!!

whomovedmychocolate Sun 06-May-07 14:09:09

Isn't legoland down that way?

Jo15 Sun 06-May-07 16:34:40

Good idea but a little too expensive. Looking to find a cheaper alternative.

whomovedmychocolate Sun 06-May-07 19:28:49

List of themhere

stargate Sun 06-May-07 22:33:15

i'd head for savill garden - my nan was there recently and said they had lots of things for the dcs to do. even if they have the walk, totem pole etc will the littlies awake.

the long walk is nice too from windsor castle. am sure that the 4yr old will want to see the changing of the guard at 11 though.

if its nice the eateries in windsor will be heaving - you may want to buy sarnies and head to the river for picnic or stop half way up the long walk.

not sure on maidenhead though.

stargate Sun 06-May-07 22:33:51

should read haven't not have

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