Long weekend with toddler from London

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SpicyTomatos Thu 08-Mar-18 12:06:18

I'm looking for a relaxing place to go to with an 18 month old that is accessible in less than 2 hours on a train from London.

Ideally, the room would be toddler proof, and there would be a variety of places to eat within walking distance. The problem we have had with most hotel rooms is that we spend a lot of the time preventing destruction which becomes less than relaxing.

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Ricekrispie22 Fri 09-Mar-18 19:49:03

New Park Manor in the New Forest provide two free hours of childcare every day in the creche and a listening service in your room, so you can dine like adults in the wonderful restaurant (remember what that feels like?). Theres also an optional early mealtime if you'd prefer to dine together. Ring ahead and they can provide equipment like cot, bed guards, changing mat and nappy bin! Bike hire is available and some bikes can be fitted with toddler seats.
The spa is amazing and there are certain times of day when children can go in the pool too.
By train, it is 90 minutes from London Waterloo to Brockenhurst (five minutes from the hotel).

SpicyTomatos Sat 10-Mar-18 15:23:57

Thanks for the response. The place looks very nice.

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