Bedruthan, Sands or Watergate Bay hotel in Cornwall

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wokcommuter Mon 05-Mar-18 22:46:58

We are looking to book a week's break at a quality hotel in North Cornwall and have narrowed it down to these three hotels. We are wondering if anybody has any experience of any of them to help us decide (or could recommend anywhere else similar). We'll be travelling in the summer with a 7, 5 and 1 year old.
We have previously stayed at Saunton Sands and Thurlestone Hotel in Devon and we loved both places so we would be looking for somewhere similar.

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ILoveDolly Mon 05-Mar-18 22:51:51

I've been to Bedruthan and Sands. B is more 'upmarket' (expensive!) than S and I find the accommodation better. Both are in good locations near the beach, food is fine, things to do in hotel depends on season. At B maybe all these things are a little better and smarter than S but you get what you pay for..... I liked both.

ILoveDolly Mon 05-Mar-18 22:53:56

Sorry I didn't add. We have three kids too, and could get nice interconnected room at sands but because of demand, sometimes B only had room with childrens beds close to our bed.

wokcommuter Tue 06-Mar-18 21:25:45

Thanks for that, it backs up the opinion that I'd got from my own research. I think we're currently leaning towards Bedruthan but I get the impression that Watergate Bay is also pretty good. With the cost of going to these places in late July we really want to make the right choicesmile It would be great to also hear from anybody who has been to Watergate Bay. Thanks,

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AlannaOfTrebond Wed 07-Mar-18 12:29:45

I've been to Watergate Bay loads of times with DH, but have no kids so was waiting for someone with a more relevant viewpoint to answer you.

We go outside school holidays as it is well known for being a child friendly hotel and love it there.

The vibe is very much laid back, outdoors chic. Food is good (although can't comment on kids options such as the high tea) and rooms are comfortable scandi style.

Happy for you to PM me if you have any more specific questions.

wokcommuter Wed 07-Mar-18 21:04:38

Thanks for that, Watergate Bay sounds great too but I've just found out that they don't have any availability for the dates that we want so I guess we'll be booking Bedruthansmile We will perhaps pop into WB for a nosy around whilst we're theresmile

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