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LONDON - what one thing would you take your children to?

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Momoftwo Fri 04-May-07 14:06:01

We will be in London (for an appointment) in May and would like to take our children (5 and 1) to something for them, to make it a fun day.

If you were going to take your children to ONE thing in London (for about 3-4 hours) what would it be?


majorstress Fri 04-May-07 14:08:41

where is the appointment? travelling within London is not great.

batters Fri 04-May-07 14:53:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

USAUKMum Fri 04-May-07 14:54:21

Depends what part of town you are in but:

If Central:
Aqaurium. It is small enough to do in a morning, but my DC love it.

but if out towards Kenisington.
Science Musuem. Dip into and visit what you find interesting. The 5yo will love it and the 1 yo will just be entertained watching everything.

majorstress Fri 04-May-07 15:51:59

We had a good time last weekend in the "Dinosaur Museum" (Natural History), super picnc area in basement too, next to Science museum, nearest tube is Kensington High St. We took a black cab yesterday and dd2 (age 4) is now going to be a taxi driver. I can't wait, I hate driving.

She also recently had us go to the British Museum to see the mummies which was ok.

If it's nice out just strolling around Regent's Park is lovely. Hyde Park has a lovely Playground, something to do with Diana.

Momoftwo Fri 04-May-07 16:12:23

I have to go to the US Embassy. My parents will bring the little ones just so they can see my youngest exists to give him a passport (!), then they will take them away to something while we wait (and wait, and wait). We will then join up with them when we are finished.

I am thinking either the London Zoo or the Science Museum?

Posey Fri 04-May-07 16:17:39

Depending on whereabouts you'll be and the weather it would be a toss-up between the Science Museum or London Zoo and/or Regents Park.

Posey Fri 04-May-07 16:18:12

Crossed posts but great minds!

KTeePee Fri 04-May-07 16:33:44

I would go for one of the museums in South Ken - then if the weather is nice and they get bored with the museum you could walk up to the great children's playground in Kensington Palace Gardens - right next to Hyde Park.

maisiestar Fri 04-May-07 16:34:09

The Pirate playground (Princess Diana playground) in Kensington Gardens is absolutely lovely and it is also a short walk from there through Hyde park to the memorial fountain which is also great if it it's a hot day. There's a good outdoor cafe next to the playground with lovely healthy pizza. (and it's right by Kensington churcht st if you want to do some shopping)

Also the London eye is surprisingly good with children - you can get tickets there or book ahead and there is always lots going on along the river and lots of good eating and ice cream places. My 2 yr old is still talking about it and I didn't think he'd really take it in.
Also just going on the top deck of a double decker is always a hit and for us usually as much fun as the destination.

USAUKMum Sat 05-May-07 08:59:40

An MomofTwo should have mentioned (as a long term user of the US Embassy )

Though I must say with the new appt system we only waited 45 min for our last one and that was the "big" one with registering DS birth and getting his passport. They actually have a really nice playroom which my DD used while waiting. The showing of the little one isn't actually at the beginning either, but towards the end.

If they have the same process it went for us like this:
1. Queue to hand in your papers (at far end of room) -- actually quite fast. Get your number.
2. Wait for number to be called
3. Go downstairs and arrange for your express delivery
4. Go talk to nice man / woman in window. Show child, answer varying number of questions (I had more the 2nd time around as I had been here 10 yrs when DS born). Show existance of child.
5. Go and pay
5. Wait again (but not long ) for end process

For us, like I said this took 45 min.

Nice Lunch places near the embassy that serve children are located on Audley St (heading toward Oxford St.) Numerous Italian and cafes all of which are good for children. Even with outside tables. (have tried most of them at one time or another)

The Zoo is easier to get to than the Science Museum from the Embassy area (just becuase nearest tube is Central and requires changes). But Hyde Park is right there and if it is a nice day mine have just as much fun running around there.

grumpyfrumpy Sat 05-May-07 10:55:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

southeastastra Sat 05-May-07 10:56:25

the river, walk along south bank to the tower there's tons to see

Marina Sat 05-May-07 10:57:20

If the weather is vile an ice-cream in the Harrods ice-cream parlour is a good treat

SSSandy2 Sat 05-May-07 10:57:28

a museum here too

aDad Sat 05-May-07 10:58:13

Science museum or
princess diana playground, kensington gardens

paulaplumpbottom Sat 05-May-07 10:58:27

Natural history museum, my dd 3 loved it, she liked Hamleys to

hatrick Sat 05-May-07 10:59:55

Message withdrawn

Marina Sat 05-May-07 11:01:15

Weeeeell, normally I'd always say South Bank, but it's not that handy for the US Embassy.
If you do do the South Bank MomofTwo (gwan, gwan, gwan, you know you want to) try and take in a Duck Tour. It really is something special!

SSSandy2 Sat 05-May-07 11:01:56

What is a Duck TOur Marina?

scatterbrain Sat 05-May-07 11:02:03

London Eye is my dd's favourite at the mo - she is 6.5 though. Also lots of queing probably ! Next to the Aquarium though !

She also loves a boat trip !

Marina Sat 05-May-07 11:03:01

Duck Tours
Really brilliant

aDad Sat 05-May-07 11:03:52

duck tours are the yellow amphibious vehicles you see around, part of the tour is on land then they go on the thames as well.

Marina Sat 05-May-07 11:04:06

I may be a lone voice here but I don't think the London Aquarium is as good as it could be, and I also think it is overpriced.

hatrick Sat 05-May-07 11:04:12

Message withdrawn

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