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CARDIFF , South Wales, borders, what should we visit?

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MrsWho Thu 03-May-07 22:40:49

A 5 yo a 7yo and me, we have Nat trust membership, Eng Heritage Membership (with discount for CADW) , and Tesco Deals tokens to spend what should we see/do??????

In case you don't know me we like Dr who hence visiting Cardiff!

Blondilocks Thu 03-May-07 22:48:02

There's a Dr Who exhibition in Cardiff Bay. Also Techniquest in Cardiff Bay which is fab for kids.

Cardiff Castell in the centre or Castell Coch just outside - fairy castle.

Roath Park (not too far from the centre) - big lake with boats & childrens play area, greenhouse thing with Terrapins.

Cosmeston medieval village & St Fagans (not so hot on locations of these but google should show you).

The Big Pit nr Newport.

Southerndowne beach is a nice one not far from Cardiff.

There are some caves beginning with D - typed as it sounds it's Donarogoff (sp?), my DD (8) loves going there but not sure if 5 is a bit young.

Barry Island used to have a pleasure beach but not sure about that anymore, there is the beach there though.

Hope this helps!

fruittea Thu 03-May-07 22:51:42

The caves are Dan yr Ogof - fab, with a dinosaur park too, great day out, but a bit of a trek from Cardiff - they're further West, around Neath.

fruittea Thu 03-May-07 22:52:35

great suggestions Blondilocks! All seconded

Blondilocks Thu 03-May-07 22:56:09

Oops... sorry for the rubbish spelling. DD could probably have spelt it better.

DeviousDaffodil Thu 03-May-07 22:57:13

Would second Big Pit it is free, my Ds's are 6 and 4 and loved it.
St Fagans is good.
The Dr Who exhibition is quite small but the rest of the bay is good and a boat trip to the barrage is fun.

Califrau Thu 03-May-07 22:57:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Califrau Thu 03-May-07 22:57:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsWho Thu 03-May-07 22:59:17

'There's a Dr Who exhibition in Cardiff Bay. ' Thats a definate its one of things I did know

'Also Techniquest in Cardiff Bay which is fab for kids. ' That looks good too, how long would it take to go round? we can use Tesco vouchers there too!

Is Cardiff Bay the actual city or the suburbs? [thick emoticon]

'Cardiff Castell in the centre or Castell Coch just outside - fairy castle. ' We like Castles!

(((Roath Park (
Cosmeston medieval village & St Fagans The Big Pit nr Newport.
Dan yr Ogof ))) Will google these!

Rachmumoftwo Thu 03-May-07 23:00:39

Techniquest is fab! We stayed all day and the girls were still not bored. It is located in Cardiff Bay, where Doctor Who is often filmed, so you will probably be in the vicinity anyway!

DeviousDaffodil Thu 03-May-07 23:00:43

There are loads of buses to the bay - 5mins aawway.

Frizbe Thu 03-May-07 23:00:46

Go down to Merthyr Maw at Bridgend, huge dunes also porth cawl nice for a day

MrsWho Thu 03-May-07 23:03:49

Greta , we are going at half term , staying in Ross-on-Wye and going to the Hay festival but I wanted to go to cardiff and Wales rather than the English side (unless anyone has any must sees on the English Borders?)

Califrau Thu 03-May-07 23:06:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsWho Thu 03-May-07 23:06:31

Don't think dd1 would do the caves, dd2 would love them though.

St Fagans looks good- is it like Beamish?/Ironbridge?- Is it a full day thing?

rowan1971 Thu 03-May-07 23:09:04

While you are there, will you go and see my granny for me please. She's in Ogmore.

Also about 46 cousins. I will email you a list.


fruittea Thu 03-May-07 23:09:11

If you're staying in Ross, then Raglan Castle isn't too far away, and is great - lots to clamber up and over.

fruittea Thu 03-May-07 23:09:50

You can definitely spend the day at St Fagans.

PeachesMcLean Thu 03-May-07 23:14:40

You could do a full day in St Fagans if you take a picnic (though there is a cafe as well.) It's a bit like those places - half the site (turn left as you come through the main entrance) is reconstructed houses from around Wales, and if you turn right you'll go towards an Elizabethan manor house with gardens and ponds. New indoor galleries apparently, about the history of Wales, which are supposed to be quite good for children.

MrsWho Thu 03-May-07 23:16:09

rowan1971 -Only if one is the Dr

Califrau Thu 03-May-07 23:20:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsWho Fri 04-May-07 21:39:56


Marie12 Wed 09-May-07 21:47:35

Mumbles in Swansea - very pretty!

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