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Looking for a Boot Camp!!!!

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mustrunmore Wed 02-May-07 14:32:44

Not sure whetther this should be here, or under health!

I'm looking for recommendations/ideas for a boot camp for me, long weekend/midweek.

Dh has agreed to have the kids sometime later this year or first thing next year.
I'm looking for something more than a poncy spa, but slightly less than joining the TA . I need somewhere to do a diet detox, and a concentrated fitness schedule, with no distractions. I'll only be able to afford 4-5 days at most, but it'll be a boost I need.

If that isnt specififc enough, it also needs to be accessible by public transport as I dont drive (closish to London).

Someone must know the perfect place!

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Wed 02-May-07 18:41:24

Can I come too?

mosschops30 Wed 02-May-07 18:56:57

me too, I would love to do something like this

mustrunmore Wed 02-May-07 19:04:44

If you can find me one, you can join me !

mustrunmore Wed 02-May-07 21:19:44

Anyone? Please???

Skribble Sun 06-May-07 10:58:37

What about a working holiday, drystone dyking or path building?

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