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Calcot Manor family rooms

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ArtichokeTagine Tue 01-May-07 14:09:29

Has anyone been to Calcot and stayed in a family room (as opposed to suite)? Are they spacious? They have no suites left for the dates we want and I hate the idea of being in the same room as DD's cot. I might cope if the rooms are huge. Any experience?

boo64 Thu 03-May-07 23:08:37

Sorry not to be much help but we stayed in the suites for this very reason...

Tamum Thu 03-May-07 23:19:39

I can't remember very well, but I think some of the rooms in the annexe were pretty big. I think they vary quite a bit though, so worth checking with them.

currantbunmum Fri 04-May-07 19:26:41

We stayed in the annexe part of the hotel too, this had a separate area with bunk beds, TV, then a door to our room, not sure if this classed as a suite. The rooms in the main hotel (I saw 3 different ones) were smaller than those in the annexe, and more country house, rather than contemporary. We stayed there in Dec.2005. Hope this helps.

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