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where to stay near Lyme Regis

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shouldbedoingsomethingelse Mon 30-Apr-07 11:22:02

Thanks for your advice.

Tamum Sun 29-Apr-07 22:04:56

Actually, if you go I would strongly recommend doing one of the fossil hunting trips that are run from Dinosaurland on Coombe St. They are really good, and the only way to find plenty of fossils IME!

PeachesMcLean Sun 29-Apr-07 21:58:33

Lyme is gorgeous. Lovely old proper seaside feel. the main street leading down to the centre has a few good shops and delis. Beach is small but nice. I'd use Lyme Bay Holidays too. They've been highly recommended by a couple of my friends. We camped on the outskirts though. We had a great time fossil hunting at Charmouth but found nothing but a very small ammonite. And i mean small.... Good fossil centre though there, DS thought it was great.

stargate Sun 29-Apr-07 21:57:41

we stayed in a private run s/c holiday village in weston near sidmouth (next to the donkey sanctuary if googling) - still a little drive to lyme but would recommend it - s/c chalets are small but serve their purpose, onsite pub, indoor pool, tennis courts, playground, gym, laundry. now can't remember its name but if you're interested i'll link you to the one we booked.

onthefence Sun 29-Apr-07 21:54:57

charmouth is lovely, have a friend with a holiday cottage there, but it does get booked very quickly. it is much more rural than lyme, there should be more available in lyme too.

Tamum Sun 29-Apr-07 21:47:21

It is a good place for fossils, and so is Charmouth which is very close. Your best bet by far is Lyme Bay Holidays . They have the biggest selection by far and are very helpful. They get booked up very quickly when the brochure comes out in September though, so be prepared for a lot of places already having gone

shouldbedoingsomethingelse Sun 29-Apr-07 21:37:26

We are looking for a self catering place near Lyme Regis. The kids want to go fossil hunting (we've been told LR is the best bet to actually find some, please let me know if this is untrue or if you know of anywhere else, please) and spend some time in the sea/on the beach. Any suggestions or recommendations?


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