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Shoreditch - nightlife/place to stay?

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car1sberg Mon 29-Jan-18 15:15:42

Hi, looking for some London recommendations please.

A group of four of us will be going to London for the night in June, two of us are going to a concert in Stratford, the other two having some food together then all meeting up to go clubbing afterwards. We’re looking for somewhere cool to stay with good nightlife on the doorstep, I was thinking Shoreditch maybe? It’s only 12 mins on the tube to Stratford.. I don’t know London so sort of guessing.
Any suggestions for hotels and late bars/clubs would be much appreciated! We’d like a fun party place where we can dress up, commercial house/dance music..

Thank you!

citykat Mon 29-Jan-18 18:30:58

Ace Hotel. Right in the thick of it. Tube central line from Liverpool street to Stratford. Is 5/10 minutes walk from shoreditch station to Liverpool Street.

justpoppngby Mon 29-Jan-18 18:39:47

Depending on budget, it's near liv st station but try the South Place hotel it's fantasticly fab. I've stayed a few times- it's lovely and a bit differentsmile

worcestersauce29 Sun 11-Feb-18 21:50:46

Ibis London City, fantastic location. There are so many amazing restaurants in walking distance, brick lane literally around the corner and spitalfields only a short walk away. Close to all public transport. I would describe the area as 'edgy' (is a good way)

Nightmanagerfan Sun 11-Feb-18 22:10:36

Yes Ace Hotel or the Hoxton. Or South Place as others have suggested. All have good hotel bars that are lively on weekends and lots of bars/clubs nearby. To be honest I think Shoreditch has become a bit commercial/touristy now but it’s probably a better bet in terms of hotels/restaurants and stuff going on than say Peckham, which is more trendy now. I also recommend booking dinner - Chicken Shop, Pizza Pilgrims are good. Or for a different experience go to Street Feast - amazing food stalls/bars and a fun vibe.

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