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60th birthday party - looking for very large cottage for say 30 people in S/SW/central England

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aznerak Fri 27-Apr-07 12:52:40

I am organising a joint 60th birthday celebration and am looking for a very large farmhouse type property to sleep up to 30 guests.
Any ideas where I should start? There is plenty of time, it is for end of February 2008.
I did a similar thing for my dad's 60th and we found a great place in Dorset but it needs to be somewhere different, as many guests will have been to my dad's and this one!
Any ideas gratefully received.
Thank you x x

MotherSuperior Fri 27-Apr-07 19:23:15

you want the Big Domain

Housemum Fri 27-Apr-07 19:27:56

Helpful Holidays

Helpful Holidays have quite a few large properties - you can search by number of bedrooms, the link above is for 11+

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