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Places to go around Ilkley, Yorkshire

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Quootiepie Fri 27-Apr-07 12:26:15

My birthday is only 3 weeks away and we are going to Faweather Grange in Ilkley - what is there to do around there? We are going for 3 nights, so need about 4 days of activities (but 2 are travelling days aswell). I have looked online abit but it's hard to find what's good and what isn't. I did see somewhere nearish had a steam railway to go on, but that's all I have found so far! Anyone from the area or been there that knows of anywhere nice to go? I guess places to eat out also, child-friendly places aswell as DS (13months) is coming too. We will have the car, so can travel around.
Thanks xXx

Quootiepie Fri 27-Apr-07 17:32:02

bump x

moodlesoup Mon 30-Apr-07 19:10:46

Burnsall is nice - the Red Lion pub is supposed to be lovely for lunch as its on the river and you can sit outside. My friend says theres a little farm in Burnsall there that you can visit and take kiddies too - 13 months sounds perfect age, as my friends' baby is 1 year and he loved it. You can go for a nice walk in Bolton Abbey too.
You could go to Betty's in Ilkley for breakfast - that's always a nice treat, and go up to Cow and Calf although might be difficult with a pram - if you've got a backpack or papoose that might be better.
have a lovely time. happy birthday

filthymindedvixen Mon 30-Apr-07 19:19:41

bumping til NAO spots this!

QP, you can always drive north for 15 miles and come and have a cuppa tea with me
(My birthday in about 4 weeks)

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