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National History Museum - wildlife photography exhibition

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KarenCBC Thu 18-Jan-18 23:45:35

Didn’t really know where to ask this so hope it’s ok. As part of a surprise weekend in London for a big birthday for my husband I wanted to go to this exhibition as we used to go every year when we lived in London and before we had kids. Well, I went to book two days ago and the website was down. I tried last night while babysitting at a friend’s house but couldn’t get on their WiFi. And finally tried tonight but it’s now fully booked for Saturday. Grrr... Does anyone have any recent experience of queuing to get into this and know if it’s possible. We’re on quite a tight schedule so couldn’t stay there for hours and hours. So annoyed with myself for not doing this last week but I’ve had a lot on.

Inchyragirl Thu 25-Jan-18 08:35:39

They do sell “on the day” tickets but you might have to wait for a timed slot, so the earlier in the day you get to the museum, the better your choice will be and the less waiting around you’ll have to do.
It will also make a difference whether your visit is at the very beginning or the closing days of the exhibition, or just a random weekend in the middle of the run.
The main disadvantage of not going with tickets in hand is that you may have to queue to actually get into the museum (it’s a bit bonkers at weekends) whereas if you had times tickets for a paid for exhibition, you just show them to the attendant and can skip the entrance queue. I would say go first thing and try to get there as it opens or 15 mins before.
A lot of things in London seem spoiled by too many people these days, and I say that as a Londoner!

dimsum123 Sun 11-Feb-18 10:09:49

Agree, too many people in London galleries and exhibitions these days. Used to be able to turn up and buy tickets on the day, now always have to book well in advance. So annoying!

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