Large family plus dog

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debbs77 Wed 17-Jan-18 00:09:19

Hi! I am a single parent with six children and a dog and am looking for a holiday for the summer.

I've looked in to the single parent holidays in the UK and while they look great they work out at about £1200 for a week, even with sharing rooms!

I'm in the south in Hampshire. Any tips??

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debbs77 Wed 17-Jan-18 23:24:44


Don't need to consider the dog.

Looking at camping but most places take up to six people. I would but stuff myself but don't know what and also can't store it

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antimatter Wed 17-Jan-18 23:27:28

What is your budget for let say 7 days. Do you have car?

debbs77 Wed 17-Jan-18 23:39:13

About £600 if possible

Yes, have a 7 seater xx

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HarrietSchulenberg Thu 18-Jan-18 00:00:47

What about hostels/bunkhouses? Waaay cheaper than hotels or BandBs and you don't have to cart camping gear.

antimatter Thu 18-Jan-18 18:13:05

By the tome you get camping gear you'd spend most of your £600. I would first borrow huge tent or two for 4 each and go for a weekend to see how your family likes it. Is that doable for you?

debbs77 Fri 19-Jan-18 17:51:43

I think I'm going to go for a caravan holiday. Less stress!

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antimatter Fri 19-Jan-18 18:11:05

Good choice!

mummymeister Sat 20-Jan-18 23:21:04

caravans are often the same if not more than a cottage. cheapest holiday is always camping - you could look into yurts or glamping and then don't have to bring your own. youth hostels as well are pretty cool as you can travel around.

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