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OK since I obviously can't stay at Strattons (MN embargo as I WILL want to steal toiletries) where do I go in East Anglia??

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crunchie Thu 26-Apr-07 19:56:16

I am sure outside of London we will get better value for money and I want your BEST hotel porn

DH and I have our 10th anniversary in November (16th) and we (or rather I) want a night away - maybe one night, maybe 2.

Criteria include 2 hrs from Colchester (think East Anglia) and HUGE bath.

BabiesEverywhere Thu 26-Apr-07 20:07:46

and free toileties ;)

Pennies Thu 26-Apr-07 20:10:15

Ickworth House - going there this weekend. In November they do rooms for £75 (about a squillion times cheaper than at other times). It's blarrrdy luverleee and if you want to take the kids it's great for younger ones too (hmmmm creche, nannnies....).

crunchie Thu 26-Apr-07 20:10:19

of course

Pennies Thu 26-Apr-07 20:10:31

It's got a fab spa too.

WideWebWitch Thu 26-Apr-07 20:18:27

Crunchie, have I posted on this? What about The Victoria at Holkham, have I already suggested that? I'm not v knowledgeable about the area though, has to be said. Would you entertain London, City hotels are cheap at weekend, esp on Laterooms.

crunchie Thu 26-Apr-07 20:18:33

I am so not sure about Ickworth, reviews on Mn haven't geen great. Have you been??

crunchie Thu 26-Apr-07 20:19:08

city hotels, are they actually romatic??

WideWebWitch Thu 26-Apr-07 20:28:57

Well, we stayed at the Great Eastern which is a 5* in Liverpool St, and had a fab fab time, got upgraded to a suite because we told thme it was our anniversary (it was!), spent Friday night at the cinema, Sat wandering around Borough Market/Tate modern/South bank, had a boozy lunch and a snog in dim wine bar then strolled along the embankment before spending the afternoon in bed. went to Brick Lane for a curry. All fab. But I love The City when it's peaceful, I find the architecture and history fascinating. And we got a £500 a night suite for £117 on Laterooms.

I haven't been to Ickworth, no. IIRC reviews here have been thast it's a bit tatty, not worth the £

WideWebWitch Thu 26-Apr-07 20:31:44

It depends on what you like I suppose. If you like London and big cities (which I do) then I think city hotels can be v romantic. I quite like the anonymity and the being able to go and get food/a drink anytime you like. I also like galleries and wine bars and cinemas and architechture so a city can be v romantic for me.

OTOH, waking up to the sound of seagulls (if you DON'T live with it normally, used to drive me mad when we lived in Devon!) and the waves outside is also romantic, in a different way.

Pennies Thu 26-Apr-07 20:32:23

Well I've been once before and I'd say it's more retro than tacky. TBH tho it was so great to have the creche we could have been in a leaky tent for all I cared!

WideWebWitch Thu 26-Apr-07 20:33:39

Is Reading too far? I'm dying to try The Forbury and the bath in their grand suite is glass! Looks fab and the reviews are fantastic.

WideWebWitch Thu 26-Apr-07 20:34:19

The Forbury

foxinsocks Thu 26-Apr-07 20:35:04

ooh www, that sounds like my perfect weekend (yours at the Great Eastern)

WideWebWitch Thu 26-Apr-07 20:36:57

Twas bloody fantastic FIS! Was our wedding anniversary last December.

Crunchie, what's your vision for the weekend? Please tell me and I'll have a think!

MrsBadger Thu 26-Apr-07 20:37:04

Hoste Arms?
Victoria at Holkham?
The Blakeney?
Titchwell Manor?
White Horse at Brancaster?

WideWebWitch Thu 26-Apr-07 20:38:20

OOh the Blakeney looks lovely

ProfYaffle Thu 26-Apr-07 20:39:49

The Blakeney is fab, I can highly recommend it. Not sure if it's 2hrs from Colchester though, took me 2hrs to get there from south Norfolk!

MrsBadger Thu 26-Apr-07 20:42:57

my geography of E anglia is not what it should be - they're my bookmarked possibilities for a combined luxury minibreak / visting Grandma in Sheringham trip in the autumn.

crunchie Thu 26-Apr-07 20:46:12

www like that idea of London, we can pretend we are still hip young things we met in london and so that is a possibility if we can get teh bargain you got

Ickworth is a nono, too many bad reviews (and I don't want to take the kids)

Basically I see the weekend/night as eating/drinking/shagging - not necessarily in that order.

DH will wnt a HUGE bath - he hates ours, and I want a HUGE bath AND a sexy shower IYKWIM.

I want toiletries to steal, fab food (unsure if I want to be bothered to go out for dinner) lush rooms, and perhaps somewhere fun to visit. WWW great eastern is a possible from what you say, it is 50 mins on the train

crunchie Thu 26-Apr-07 20:50:33

I use trip advisor for reviews and the Blakeney isn't coming up that well. Bear in mind November isn't great for views!!

WideWebWitch Thu 26-Apr-07 21:35:03

Crunchie, you need batters' hotel thread then if London is possible, hang on!

WideWebWitch Thu 26-Apr-07 21:39:00

loads of links here ooh, if you met in London you could be VERY romantic and go somewhere meaningful for lunch/dinner. I'm envious, I've spent all day today fantasising about coming home to find dh has arranged an overnight babysitter and is whisking me somewhere romantic for the night

ProfYaffle Fri 27-Apr-07 07:26:23

I went to the Blakeney in January and loved it! It was 5 years ago though (my 30th birthday) so a lot can change in that time.

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