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Center Parcs occupancy question

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chicaguapa Thu 26-Apr-07 13:11:50

Have organised a big family do at Center Parcs Longleat for next month for 5 households sharing 3 villas. Have just found out my sister is now bringing an extra person and is planning on her (almost) 3 year old sleeping in a ready bed which means there will be 1 too many in the villa.

So how likely is it that she'll get away with this?

tiredemma Thu 26-Apr-07 15:26:38

they check in your car as you drive in against names registered at the welcome lodge.
If your villa is already full to capacity, then CP wont allow it.

PinkChick Thu 26-Apr-07 15:29:46

they wont let extra person in, they need names of everyone for H&S i would assume and the beds in room are the max allowed in actually go through a drivethrough type room before you get in and they DO check!..make sure shes not in your car, cos she;ll be sent home!

hertsnessex Thu 26-Apr-07 15:30:04

we went on a family thing (never again!!!) and in my sils villa they had 8 adults and one child for a 4bed villa....

PinkChick Thu 26-Apr-07 15:31:04

8 adults is right cos they have 4 doubles/ old was child?, the 'do' let babies in as extra as they provide a travel cot.

hertsnessex Thu 26-Apr-07 15:34:41

he was 14mths, but im guessing they could have lied.??


PinkChick Thu 26-Apr-07 15:35:50

he would still have been in cot, we had two cots in two of our 4 rooms when we stayed, IIRC under 2's are 'not counted' i may be wrong now tho?

tiredemma Thu 26-Apr-07 15:37:43

thats right, under 2's are not counted.

You have to send a pre-registered list in with all names and car registrations beforehand, then on the day, as you arrive- they look in each car and check each name off.

squashy4 Thu 26-Apr-07 15:41:27

under 2's are not counted but you are only allowed 1 under 2 in each lodge

PinkChick Thu 26-Apr-07 15:44:18

?we did have 2 under 2's..all official? hat was whinfell tho??

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