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Wanted - Holiday 26 May, N Devon, pref. Woolacombe

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MaryBS Thu 26-Apr-07 08:40:57

Anyone know of a cottage/caravan available for that week, for 2 adults, 2 children? Anything considered. Looking to pay under £400 though.

I've tried trawling the cottagey sites, but I find them EXTREMELY tedious and generally too expensive. It bugs me that you have to go into the details before you find out if its in your price bracket or not!


sassy Thu 26-Apr-07 08:47:24

Can't help with an actual cottage but we used
this site

Really reasonable prices and nice-looking accomodation.

We are in Porlock the same week, with another family (Honormatopoeia, who also posts here)!

sassy Thu 26-Apr-07 08:48:14

Whahey, that's only my 2nd working link ever!

MaryBS Thu 26-Apr-07 19:29:39

Thanks, they look really good. AND the site is easy to use!

bea Sun 29-Apr-07 11:38:59

Look here... dh's family run it and it's in a beautiful spot.... close to the beach... lots of things to do around the area... fantastic place... well equipped! and just started to rent so it's all relatively new!... and at the right price! Good luck

Ciachmans Cottage Bideford

MaryBS Mon 30-Apr-07 20:56:28

Thanks Bea, it looks really lovely, but DH isn't so keen, mainly because its on the wrong side of Barnstaple for Woolacombe... We haven't definitely ruled it out though.

bea Tue 01-May-07 09:22:03

no probs! good luck!

Marina Tue 01-May-07 09:36:33

MaryBS, have you checked availability for the static caravans ar North Morte Farm, in Mortehoe? That is is the pick of the campsites in the area IMO
Am assuming you have looked at and discounted the giant sites at Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parcs and also Ruda Bay in Croyde?

MaryBS Tue 01-May-07 16:16:03

I keep checking the WB parks for offers, otherwise they are a min. £450. But I've checked North Morte and Ruda, and they've no availability for that week.

Thanks anyway

kittylouise Tue 01-May-07 17:26:23

Hi, have you tried Marsdens Cottage Holidays (don't know website - based in Braunton) or John Fowler Holidays (in Combe Martin and Ilfracombe). I used to live in North Devon and am racking my brains thinking of somewhere - will have a think and get back.

kittylouise Tue 01-May-07 17:31:03

Try - prices look OK. The park is about 2 miles from Ilfracombe/3 miles from Woolacombe, and wouldn't be that expensive to get to and fro in a taxi from either, if you wanted a break from driving. The views from the site are beautiful too. Plus I know that the lodges and caravans are pretty knew (spent enough time behind them on windy Devon roads when they were being delivered!!)

Marina Tue 01-May-07 19:20:57

Mullacott could be good Mary, although it is such a shame that local attraction Once Upon a Time has closed. We have spent many happy ours scoffing lollies and riding on the pedal snails
Still, there is always the monster truck nites in the field nearby (which I am told are quite a laugh )
The lodges at Mullacott look very nice from the road although I am thankful we never got stuck behind them

MaryBS Wed 02-May-07 18:53:05

Thanks Marina, I looked at Mullacott, they looked quite reasonable.

What I've done though is phone Woolacombe bay and asked for a discount. Because we're going there later in the year, they're giving us a 15% discount, which brings it to under the £400, so we've decided to go for that.

Sassy, I was really tempted by those at Porlock, but what swung it in the end is my Dbro and his family are going down the same week and stopping at Woolacombe bay. So we'll be able to do things together!

lunavix Wed 02-May-07 18:53:59

ruda is fab

parkdean holidays

MaryBS Wed 02-May-07 21:22:27

No vacancies AT ALL at Ruda that week, though! I looked!

lunavix Wed 02-May-07 21:43:45

bum I knew there was none for camping (sob we wanted to go) but thought there might be in a caravan.

Good luck...

MaryBS Thu 03-May-07 08:40:01

There's camping at Woolacombe bay. We're staying at the Golden Coast site (we like that one best!)

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