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Where to stay half way between London and Glasgow?

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BlueSkyBurningBright Sun 07-Jan-18 22:34:00

I am going to be driving from London to Glasgow in a couple of weeks. I do not want to do the drive all in one go, I will be on my own. So I want to stay somewhere half way.

Not in a motorway service station, but somewhere nice where I can see a bit of the countryside. Looking at the map Lancaster and the Lake District look a good distance to stop at.

Any recommendations for a nice hotel in those areas? Anyone else done this journey, where do your stop?

Mipe Sat 03-Feb-18 19:07:45

I think the Lake District (although lovely smile) is before halfway, maybe closer to Manchester would be better?

Mipe Sat 03-Feb-18 19:10:22

Oh just realised it’s London to Glasgow, sorry smile. Once you get to the Lake District it’s only about 2 more hours to Glasgow so Lancaster or just before would probably be about halfway x

JassyRadlett Sat 03-Feb-18 19:11:45

I think we stayed at a Holiday Inn near Liverpool for the same journey.

Minglemangle2 Sat 03-Feb-18 19:12:18

Tickled Trout at Preston is nice, just off the motorway.

Skedaddled Sat 03-Feb-18 19:14:49

The opposite of nice countryside but we usually stop at Blackpool to break up the journey.

HundredMilesAnHour Sat 03-Feb-18 19:15:24

What about stopping off at Crewe? I break the drive when I'm driving up from London to visit family by stopping overnight at Crewe Hall. It's only a few mins drive from the M6 but has a stunning Jacobean hall (which you can stay in) and a modern conference suite with pool and spa. And lovely grounds / gardens.

Redactio Thu 08-Feb-18 23:39:53

Lakes, Stop at Kendal, then drive round Ullswater to rejoin the motorway.

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