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Question about Whinfell Centre Parcs

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Theresa Wed 25-Apr-07 07:01:44

We went for the first time in March and it was fab and so have just booked again for sept. When we were there there was an activity near the fron of the sports complex, it was caled something like 'tree hopping' and seemed to be high bridges etc strung between trees. I assume it was new as it wasn;t in the brochure of activities we were sent. Anyone tried it and does anyone know the lower age limit?

Theresa Wed 25-Apr-07 19:44:59


andyrobo237 Sun 29-Apr-07 20:55:31

I have seen kids who looked about 8+ - why dont you ring them and find out and then let us all know! We are going at the end of May but I like my feet firmly on the ground!

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