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reccomendations for activities in cardigan bay area / aberaeron/new quay / llangrannog

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mabel1973 Tue 24-Apr-07 10:50:06

We are staying nr new quay in cardigan bay in a couple of weeks, and i have done some research, but it would be nice to have some days out on reccomendation.
i think we will have a day out in aberystwyth, other than that weather permitting we will be on the beach, but we need a plan B in case it pee's it down!
We have a 2.5 yr old and a 7 month old.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Tue 24-Apr-07 13:04:06

Never been myself but its a place I'm thinking of going to soon and one of the things on my want to do list is a whale spotting/dolphin spotting boat trip which I believe you can do.

mabel1973 Tue 24-Apr-07 21:52:50


moondog Tue 24-Apr-07 21:54:02

My dh is from Cardigan.
It is lovely.
All the beaches are nice.
Lots of people like Folly Farm,although have never been.
I love it there but we are usually hanging out with relatives.

moondog Tue 24-Apr-07 21:55:06

Aberaeron is delightful.
Very funky hotel on the quay called the Harbourmaster
National Trust propert near it.
Newquay good too in old fashioned bucket and spoade way.

MaloryTowers Tue 24-Apr-07 21:55:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Arriety Tue 24-Apr-07 21:55:57

There is an aquarium in Aberaeron. Never got it together to go but a friend's kids loved it. Centre for Alternative Technology in Macynlleth (sp?) could be an option if your 2.5 year old likes looking at how things work etc.

MaloryTowers Tue 24-Apr-07 21:56:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moondog Tue 24-Apr-07 21:57:10

Llangrannog a rite of passage fro generations of Welsh kids. They have the Urdd (Welsh youth movement) place there.
Dh can reduce me to tears with sad stories of going as a seven year old with a cardboard suitcase and crying for his Mam.
(He cheered up after the first night.)

Arriety Tue 24-Apr-07 21:57:36

Llangranog rules- and because of the cave bits it's still fun in the rain. Just make sure to check out tide times cos nowhere near as much fun at high tide!

Arriety Tue 24-Apr-07 22:00:28

I think there is a small railway not far from there. I want to say that it is Talylyn and Thomas the Tank Engine was based on it, but may have just made that up!

moondog Tue 24-Apr-07 22:02:27

tHere is Arriety (Borrowers fan?)
We passed that bloody Thomas engine last week on trip there.I thoguht I was dreaming for a bit.

cybele Tue 24-Apr-07 22:05:29

There's a honey farm just on the way into newquay. It's got a little exhibition where you can see inside the hives and that sort of stuff.

mabel1973 Wed 25-Apr-07 08:46:18

I haven't seen anything about a thomas train, will have to look into that...DS1 would be in 7th heaven!

thanks for your suggestions even if most of it is wistful childhood memeories

WelshBoris Wed 25-Apr-07 08:58:06

Ah Llangranog

<fond memories of the canoe guy named Pablo>

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