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Lake District - Beech Hill Hotel or Low Wood Hotel??

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Dottydot Mon 23-Apr-07 21:39:38

I've been planning and saving for our 1st anniversary weekend away pretty much since the day after our civil ceremony! We've got 2 nights in July without ds's and will definitely be going to the Lake District. I've been to Low Wood before with work and loved it, but I've found an offer on the Beech Hill Hotel which I don't know.

Are there any knowledgeable MNers out there who've been to either/both?!

MrsWho Mon 23-Apr-07 22:14:37

I know Low Wood has a good reputation but not heard anything about the Beech Hill.

Dottydot Mon 23-Apr-07 22:15:22

Thanks MrsWho. Loads of people at work know Low Wood as well and none know Beech Hill - maybe I should take it that Low Wood is the place to go?!

MrsWho Mon 23-Apr-07 22:30:14

I've not actually been to either just know people go to weddings at Low Wood.
Just realised who I am chatting to, doesn't feel like nearly a year since you were talking about the ceremony.

Dottydot Tue 24-Apr-07 21:36:24

ooh - who are you, MrsWho?! Yes, it'll be a year in July, so a bit to go yet but I love planning stuff - probably more than actually going..!

NoNickname Tue 24-Apr-07 21:41:08

I've been to the Low Wood - for an anniversary. It was great (although a few years ago now).

We booked online, and I just put in the comments box that it was an anniversary and we would love a lake-facing room if they had one. We got the room, and also a complimentary bowl of fruit and bottle of wine, along with a congratulatory note from the manager. It was a lovely touch and they didn't have to do it, which made it all the better. (July might be busier than when we went though).

ledodgy Tue 24-Apr-07 21:44:02

I've been to the Low Wood too it was great we booked through last and asked for champagne in our room which we got. We also charged all food we ordered to our room bill this was in 1999 and they have never ever took the money from our switch card.

jampot Tue 24-Apr-07 21:45:19

gski's sister owns the Glebnburn and another one whose name escapes me. we stayed there last year and it was lovely very lovely people and the food in the restaurant was super

jampot Tue 24-Apr-07 21:46:41


Dottydot Tue 24-Apr-07 21:51:59

Jampot - I looked at The Glenburn but am being extra fussy and wanted somewhere right on the lake (any old lake, but wanted to be able to see water - basically so I don't actually have to walk anywhere and can just stare at it and chill out!).

jampot Tue 24-Apr-07 21:56:02

what about the belfield then?

glenburn was nice but you are right not lake view

Dottydot Tue 24-Apr-07 21:58:40

Can't find that one - have you got a link? Have googled Belfield but can't find it?

MrsWho Tue 24-Apr-07 22:29:40

I was Nikkie , tended to lurk more back then though .

jampot Tue 24-Apr-07 22:44:18


Lizzer Tue 24-Apr-07 23:08:53

Hi, both aren't far from me and I'd honestly say the Beach Hill isn't as swish as Low Wood (going to a wedding at Beach Hill in sep so can't review it as yet, soz!) Low Wood you've got both Ambleside and Bowness really close. But in Beach Hill's defence it is on a lovely slightly quieter part of the lake and there is Hawkshead village nearby...

If you end up in Low Wood and are real 'foodies' the try 'the Samling' restaurant nearby - v pricey but reportedly (by friends) excellent in a low-key but v posh nosh kind of way (we're far too poor to attempt it!) I can get you number if you're interested...?

ledodgy Tue 24-Apr-07 23:10:00

Will warn you though when at the bar at the Low wood I couldn't find the ladies toilet for ages as it was called 'The powder room'.

MamaChop Tue 24-Apr-07 23:10:42

Cragwood's good
although I can never show my face (or arse) there again

Dottydot Wed 25-Apr-07 20:05:06

Mamachop - sounds interesting! I think I'm going to go for Low Wood - can't wait!

squashy4 Wed 25-Apr-07 20:07:42

i used to work at the burnside that is nice! also has a lovely swimming pool

MrsWho Wed 25-Apr-07 20:53:49

Lizzer -are you in the Lakes then?

jampot Thu 26-Apr-07 17:50:14

burnside facilities are available to the resisdents of Glenburn too

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