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UK Kids Holidays

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TriWorldChamp Mon 23-Apr-07 12:01:25


I have an only child of 5 so we're looking for a UK based holiday where we can have a really good rest and everything is done for us and she is fully occupied with activities. Don't mind where it is, I just need a rest and a bit of luxury. Can anyone recommend anywhere?

LIZS Mon 23-Apr-07 12:10:36

Try one of the Luxury Family Hotels chain or somewhere like Bedruthan Steps in Cornwall. Some MN reviews here

scienceteacher Sat 28-Apr-07 20:25:35

Bedruthan Steps Hotel, near Newquay, Cornwall

hertsnessex Sat 28-Apr-07 20:28:09

bedruthan is fab, as is woolley grange.


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