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jakethepeg Tue 17-Apr-07 17:06:09

I am going to CP on 30 April. Originally there was myself, DH, DS and my mum going. Now DH has to work but is planning to join us for the day on 2 May as its DS's birthday.

Do I have to buy a day pass for DH now as he is not coming on full break with us? He is named on the break as coming too - will that be a problem when we arrive?
Thanks a lot

collision Tue 17-Apr-07 17:08:54

I would call them and ask. It is £16 for a day pass I think.

redshoes Tue 17-Apr-07 20:29:36

No way - why should he pay twice?! Just tell them when you arrive that he will be arriving on blah-di-blah date - only difficulty may be extra car...

stargate Tue 17-Apr-07 22:34:55

shouldn't be an issue with the extra car. as long as you are not filling his bed space, you'll be ok - just tell them the day of arrival of last party member. we've been in in two cars - had enough paperwork to have some in each car so no questions on front gate.

andyrobo237 Sun 22-Apr-07 21:12:51

No it wont be a problem - we booked abreak and named my Mum and dad on the form even though they were only coming for one night. All we had to do was fill in a little form from the desk when we checked in and pass it ito the staff, and then the security lodge man called us to let us know that they had arrived. they were able to bring their car to the lodge to unpack and then take it back to the car park. As long as the person is on the booking form and the lodge is big enough for the named people then it is ok!

jakethepeg Wed 25-Apr-07 20:35:36

Thanks for all your replies, very helpful! Glad I won't have to buy a day pass for hubby. Only problem is now I have to drive there and am not so good with directions - eeek. Please tell me its easy to find!

We're going to Sherwood Forest and coming from the North.

Any tips?!


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